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Our Drama Confidence classes are designed to explore imagination, creativity and introduce young people to theatre in a fun and relaxed environment.
Our Acting classes focus on a structured timetable of techniques and performance preparation, whereas, in Drama Confidence, the aim is to develop social skills, playful participation and self esteem, without any pressure! We hope to encourage young people to express themselves and find confidence in their individuality in a supportive group of like-mi
nded people.

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These sessions will include fun drama-based games and exercises to allow everyone to get stuck in and be silly! No idea is a bad one in these sessions, it's all about energy, exploring and having fun! It's also a great introduction to see if you would enjoy more of the performing classes we offer!

If this sounds like the right class for you please sign up now!

*When you enquire no payment will be taken. This is just to show your interest.

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