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Welcome to the Playhouse Theatre Company shop! The below items are available to pre-order. Once you have placed an order you will receive your item(s) on site when you attend your class.


A confirmation will be sent to your email once you place an order. Any questions

Recommended Dance Attire:

Below are images of the dance shoes we recommend for classes.

There are several websites to buy from with varying prices. We understand some are more expensive than others so we aren't making a specific style compulsary, however from our experience, these shoes will be the most reliable and well-lasting items that will support you best in class.


All items below can be purchased from Move Dancewear: 



All 3 of these jazz shoes are great options. They are all flexible and have good grip so it is your personal preference. 

We suggest black so everyone has the same, but skin-tone jazz shoes are also fine to bring to class. Dance trainers can be worn in class too, however for performances we ask everyone to wear these jazz shoes for unity.


This type of tap shoe is the best to use for class. High heeled taps are available and fine to use too, but these are better for learning the basic techniques of tap.


The only difference between the first 2 shoes are the 3rd is that the 3rd has a split sole which allows for more flexibility of the foot.



These shoes are used primarily for performances and are more important to have if you want to join our PRO TRAINING class.

They're a valuable shoe to have for Musical Theatre classes too as it's a great skill to dance in heels.

We recommend choosing between 2-3" heels and the colour is up to you! 

The 2nd option is from LaDuca and is much more of an investment. We only suggest choosing this pair if you plan to further study theatre, for example. They are excellent shoes and make dancing feel effortless, but they are only here as an option if it feels right for you.

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